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7 Stocks to Watch If Trump Gets Re-elected in 2024

rankings and lists Jun 01, 2021

 With news of Donald Trump looking to potentially run again for president in 2024, we’ve decided to do an analysis on what the implications of this could look like for the stock market. While we cannot predict at this point if he will actually run for re-election, his inner circle has told major news outlets that he is very seriously contemplating it. With a recent poll showing that 53% of republicans believing the recent election was fraudulent, if he were to run again, we believe there is a strong chance he could potentially win.

While this population only represents a quarter of the country, and while we are not taking a political side, Donald Trump has clearly polarized a decent sized faction of the country. With Democrats currently in power, flips of power like this to a different political party happen often. Should he run and should he win, no matter what political party you identify with, both sides will agree that you need to put your portfolio in a position to capitalize on the potential scenario. And with that context and introduction, we’ve decided to write about our top 7 stocks that would be seriously affected, should Donald Trump run for re-election and win! It is important to note that should he run again, these stocks will likely rise ahead of him winning. As the chance of him winning or losing increases these stocks will likely be affected in either direction.

  1. JP Morgan (JPM): While JPM will be affected, all financials will likely be affected as well should he run again. The reason for this is that republicans, such as Trump, are much more likely to ease regulation on the big banks, thereby allowing them to reap in more benefits. With this change in policy, banks like JPM (the world’s largest asset holder) directly stand to benefit. Tie in increasing interest rates, and JPM’s stock could explode should he run and win again!
  2. Twitter/Facebook (TWTR/FB): While these two stocks come with 0 surprises, these stocks are obviously going to be affected with any Trump run/win. While Twitter has said they will never allow him back on the platform, we will see what happens should he run again. The takeaway here though is that these stocks could run in either direction. The reason for this is that if he wins and tries to regulate them more, the stock will drop but if he is allowed back on, usage will climb and that could drive the price back up!
  3. Exxon Mobil (XOM): Republicans and specifically Trump has made it clear that their agenda is for coal, oil and existing sources of energy. While the Biden administration is pushing for clean sources of energy, should Trump win, companies like XOM stand poised to greatly benefit.
  4. Lockheed Martin/ Northrup Grumman (LMT/NOC): Two stocks we’ve long written about, LMT and NOC are classic military defense companies that do very well while republicans are in power. The reason for this is because republicans spend significantly more on the military than democrats do and specifically with Trump, his agenda is very military focused. Should he win again these two stocks could get a strong growth surge.
  5. GEO Group (GEO): A stock on this list that is not widely known, GEO is a REIT that invests in private prisons and mental health facilities. The Biden administration has made it clear that companies like GEO (private facilities) will not be funded by them, however Trump’s administrations put millions into these facilities during his time in the oval office. Similar to the theme of this post, should he win, this stock stands to benefit greatly.