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airbnb stock

Airbnb: Shaping The Future Of Hospitality

information technology Apr 22, 2022

With mask mandates lifting and restrictions easing, Airbnb may enter into its best period of growth since its IPO.

This isn’t saying much since they made the absolutely WILD decision to go public during 2020 -- one of the worst years for a travel brand basically ever.

But Airbnb has weathered the pandemic headwinds brilliantly, only briefly dipping below their day 1 close price in 2021.

Strong growth and a profitable end to the year are driving Airbnb to dominate as we gear up for a messy and volatile summer travel season.


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This is because the Airbnb platform empowers individuals to rent out their homes to travelers looking for alternative accommodations to traditional hotels.

This is why Airbnb has exploded in the last few years, driving an immense amount of value for travelers on both sides of the equation.

But there are two main reasons they've been able to do this better than anyone else. And these two reasons alone will make the difference between becoming a 1 trillion dollar company or going out of business.

But what is it?

How will it affect their stock price?

And how are we playing it?