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algorand crypto

Will This Crypto Beat Ethereum & Solana?

crypto Jan 18, 2022

As 2021 began to wind down we wanted to identify the cryptos that could break out this year. 

We've mentioned a few of them before (such as Terra, Polkadot, Avalanche, Solana & others) but today we're going to introduce a new awesome project that has a ton of upside for 2022.

That project is called Algorand.

If you've never heard of it, Algorand ($ALGO) is in the top 25 largest coins in the world, was up over 300% last year and has been said to be the next Ethereum.

But there's one thing right now causing most investors to look the other way and that is their Total Value Locked (TVL) vs. Market Cap Ratio.

In a nutshell, if the Market Cap/TVL ratio is over 1, the coin is said to be overvalued.

And when looking at Algorand, we see that their TVL/MC is 95:1 -- making it seem extremely overvalued to most.

So why do we think it's this high, why do we think it doesn't matter, what is brewing that could cause this all to change, and whats our price prediction?

Check out all the answers and everything you need to know below 👇

If you're looking for a crypto that is being ignored by most investors and has 100x return upside, then you need to read our entire analysis.

So let's get into it: