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Alibaba Stock

This Chinese Powerhouse is Gearing up for a MASSIVE Comeback

information technology Jan 14, 2022

We’ve talked a LOT about how investors need to shift from growth to value stocks. But where can we find good value plays?

Value stocks are simply companies that are being undervalued by the current market despite having solid numbers.

But what about companies whose value is being artificially held down? Companies that can explode once those artificial constraints fizzle out.

Today, we want to take you through our analysis about one stock who’s country has depressed their valuation.

You guessed it: we’re talking about Alibaba — the global e-commerce behemoth who’s stock is at the equivalent moment of buying Amazon stock back in 2012.

After a year of getting brutalized — Alibaba looks like it’s about to turn a corner and never slow down.

But when will this happen? How much upside could they get? When are we buying? Let's discuss all this and more! 👇