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cosmos crypto

Why This Crypto Is Misunderstood And Undervalued

crypto Mar 21, 2022

Today we're covering a huge name in crypto -- and that is: Cosmos ($ATOM).

This project is one of the most unique, yet confusing coins we've ever come across.

Understanding what makes it different, how it works and why it is so amazing is almost as important as any coin we've ever analyzed. That is why paying attention today is so crucial.

So with that context, let's get into it 👇 

Cosmos Overview:

So what the heck is Cosmos? At it's core, Cosmos mission is to create interoperability across blockchains -- which will be the future of crypto!

If you don't know what that means, their mission is to basically make transferring coins and tokens between different blockchains easier, cheaper, and faster.

Cosmos is hoping to becoming a scalable platform that does all of these 3 things while not sacrificing on decentralization or security.

So what are they doing that is so different and what does this mean for their coin's price? Make sure you have your seatbelt buckled and your tray-tables locked, this could get a bit bumpy.