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delta airlines plane

Delta Airlines' Earnings Surge

industrials news Oct 12, 2023


In a remarkable turn of events, Delta Airlines has surged in early trading after posting extraordinary earnings that directly contradict Wall Street's pessimistic forecasts. Their achievements align precisely with the expectations of Moby's analyst team.

What Happened:

Delta Airlines has delivered an exceptional 60% increase in profits Year over Year (YoY), resulting in a $2.03 earnings per share (EPS) from $14.6 billion in revenue. Delta's impressive demand is primarily being propelled by international travel, an arena where they have effectively elevated their profitability margins.

Current Status:

Crucially, Delta has announced that the strong demand will persist throughout Q4, revising their guidance to indicate a potential revenue increase ranging from 9% to 12%. Furthermore, Delta has adeptly managed to control their fuel costs, expecting only a 0% to 2% increase in expenses for the December quarter. A significant win on multiple fronts.

Why It Matters:

The September market downturn was fueled by concerns that high-interest rates would erode revenues and industry-wide profitability. Delta's results are a resounding signal as earnings season commences, indicating that these fears were overstated. While other airlines may face pressure, Delta's strategy of prioritizing higher-margin customers and international travel is paying substantial dividends. As long as companies maintain focus and efficiency to thrive in this challenging environment, the Federal Reserve's objective of a soft landing remains attainable.