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eli lilly stock

The Drug Company Defeating America's Biggest Health Crisis

health care May 19, 2022

Well, now that our Merck stock pick is decidedly outperforming a shaky market, we've had no choice but to unleash our pharma analyst to deliver another pick for a pharma stock that just had a huge breakout. 

Eli Lilly, made headlines recently when their new drug, Mounjaro, got approved for the treatment of type II diabetes. Their stock popped 4% on the news but is quickly giving that ground back thanks to a broader selloff in the S&P 500. 

These gains are very small compared to the incredible growth potential Mounjaro has. 

In addition to being a HUGE iterative improvement on other Type-II Diabetes treatments, Mounjaro is currently demonstrating REMARKABLE efficacy for treating obesity.  

Obesity is slowly replacing heart disease as the definitive health crisis in America. Treating obesity has been really hard outside of diet, exercise, and invasive surgeries. If Mounjaro's current results hold, it will corner two high-revenue markets simultaneously. 

Mounjaro is a Diabetes Game-Changer:

While they've managed to grow revenue by 15% in Q1, the future of the company could rest on this drug.

So, let’s get into it 👇