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ferrari stock

3 Reasons Why This Stock Will Have A Big 2022

industrials Feb 09, 2022

While it's hard to deny the appeal of owning an actual Ferrari, the appeal of owning their stock varies from investor to investor.

And while we've been investing in the stock since April of 2020, many investors are still skeptical of their long term viability.

However the growth of the stock price over the last few years tells us a different story.


As we can see from the 5 year chart above, Ferrari has been in growth mode since their IPO in 2015.

Much of the reason for their recent growth over the last few years though has been from their stated mission towards becoming an EV first car company.

And as we talked about last time we analyzed them (see it here), Ferrari becoming an electric first car company is a very real promise.

It may sound crazy but this is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

Let us prove it to you.