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The Flagship Pod: Market Outlook, Interest Rates, Crypto, China & More!

market & industry analysis Mar 19, 2022

Every week we host a live discussion on our Discord channel. 

This week we went through how to strategize around rising rates, how to monitor the positive volatility around Chinese tech stocks and a lot more.

Here's what we went over: 

  • Why the Fed raised interest rates and what it means for the markets.

  • What it means now that the Chinese government has signaled they won't interfere with tech companies listed on US Exchanges.

  • A guide on Cosmos and the ATOM coin -- one of our new crypto staking projects.

  • Updating our price target on the up and comer space darling, Rocket Lab.

  • The best stocks of 2022 and more!

If you'd like to listen live and ask us questions throughout the live session, just join the weekly Thursday afternoon session at 5:00pm EST.

Check out the transcript below! 

Peter Starr:

And now coming to you live from, this is The Flagship Pod, a weekly live podcast about the market, the economy, and the subtle forces shaping the world around you, brought to you by As always, my name is Peter Starr. Bringing you this time, an awesome conversation about the market rallying around interest rates, some really great news out of China, some really awesome crypto stuff, just a really great episode overall. I'm really excited that the market is finally making some moves, all of key when we felt really frozen.

And it's really exciting to see some market movement after just some really awful volatility around the European situation. I've got a lot of updates for you today, audience. And to sort of guide me through the complexity of that market, as always audience, I'm joined by Justin Kramer, CEO, and co-founder here at as well as our Chief Analyst. Justin, man, what's good? Can you hear me okay? How's it going on your end?


Justin Kramer:

Yeah. Everything is great so far. I can hear you. You nice and well? It's currently snowing right now, I thought winter was over. But other than that, it's good to see the market starting to rebound a tiny bit, hopefully some more positive news is coming.


Peter Starr:

Exactly. And a lot of that's just simply due to the market understanding that everything's kind of going according to plan. So it's just really exciting to see that. Like we hiked interest rates this week, finally.

We've been talking about it since literally November of last year. It's amazing to finally see that moment in the market saying, you know what, that's exactly what I wanted to see, let's calm down and get right into it. So Justin, it's awesome to see the S&Ps up like basically 2% today, a percent and a half, actually.

What do you think in terms of like seeing the market reacting really well to these, the Fed upping our interest rate by 25 basis points:

  • Is that what you wanted to see too?

  • Is that too slow?

  • Is that too fast even?

  • What are the things we need to watch out for as we sort of watch the Fed finally sort of take control of our inflation situation?