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The Flagship Pod: Market Outlook, Interest Rates, Crypto, and more!

market & industry analysis Mar 19, 2022

Every week we host a live chat with senior leaders of our team in our Discord channel. We use this time to answer all the questions you have and also talk about what's going on in the markets. Here's what we went over:

The Agenda: 

  • What stocks are trading at massive discounts

  • Why the Fed is considering a huge interest rate increase now

  • The sectors that could ready to rebound

  • Ukraine, Russia & Nato

  • How commodity prices are affecting everything from retail to tech

If you'd like to listen live next time and ask us questions throughout the live session, just join the weekly Thursday afternoon session at 5:00pm EST: here

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Peter Starr:

And now coming to you live from our coast to coast trading desk, this is the Flagship Pod, a weekly live podcast recorded in front of a live Discord audience where we discuss the economy, the market, and all the various market forces shaping the world around you.

As always, my name's Peter Starr, bringing you, this time, kind of a grab-bag episode, there's a lot of noise in the economy right now and not a lot of signals, we're kind of seeing the same patterns, go in and out and in and out, week over week over week over week the market is up, the market is down, the market is up, the market is down, inflationary pressure is up.

But we're finally seeing responses to inflation, we're beginning to parse what that means for growth in our economy moving forward.

So, expect a lot of volatility, but we have to find some noise in that signal.

And so to do that with me, ladies and gentlemen, as always, I'm joined by CEO and co-founder of, Justin Kramer, our chief analyst here, the financial perspective that has guided so many people through this kind of wild period, one of the first people to call the downturn coming, literally, in September.

Justin, man, it's great to have you back, what's good, man? Where in the world are you now, you've been bouncing all over getting a fundraise going?


Justin Kramer:

Yeah, I'm in New York currently, but I'm good, man. Me and you talk once a week here, it's always good catching up and really settling down and articulating a lot of what us and the team we're thinking about.


Peter Starr:

Exactly. Yeah, because there is just so much too, it's really an awesome time to be in the kind of business you and I are in, trying to understand the market, because there is just so much information out there.

I mean, it was so easy being in this business in 2020, air quotes easy, a, we had a lot of spare time, b, the market just got shoved full of capital and just made trendline go up, so following the bigger trends.

Now, every trend is going in every direction as we're watching commodity prices rise or watching OPEC refuse to pick up the phone and oil prices are going to probably stay up because of that as supply chain crunches, kind of, hit the whole world. We're going to be talking a little bit about a lot of those commodities.

We've talked a lot about metals in the past, but I'm also going to bring up things like nitrogen and phosphorus and how India is going to potentially save the world with their wheat reserves, we'll get into that later.

Either way Justin, I guess the main thing is, we're finally seeing the US response to inflation right now. So, kind of take me through how the market's, kind of, processing, we're seeing 25 basis points being taken pretty well, we didn't cause a recession outright, that's sick, but now we're seeing Jerome Powell who's saying,

"Hey, inflation's super serious, and now the big rumblings are 50 basis points sometime April and May."

  • So, how does the market, kind of, respond to as we begin accelerating our rates increasing process?

  • Is this something that's going to finally freak out the market or is just, kind of, stuff already priced in and we're just having an adult response to our current situation?