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The Flagship Pod: It's Earnings Season!

market & industry analysis Apr 30, 2022

Every single Thursday we host a live discussion in our Discord channel at 5:00pm EST.

This gives you the opportunity to ask us questions and hear our thoughts on the things you want answers to!

Here's what we went over: 

  • The conclusion of Elon's twitter saga and what it means for the market

  • Why Amazon is dipping

  • How Meta is currently carrying the market off of strong earnings

  • The inclusion of Bitcoin into various 401k funds

  • What makes Blackstone a perfectly managed company for this economy

If you'd like to listen live and ask us questions throughout the next live session, just join the weekly Thursday afternoon session at 5:00pm EST.

Keep reading on below for the entire transcript!

Peter Starr:

From, this is The Flagship Pod, your weekly podcast, giving you clarity into the stock market, the economy, and the various market forces powering the world around you. As always, I'm your host, Peter Starr, bringing you this way just a really big whirlwind, it's earnings season in Apple, Amazon, Meta, all the big names are reporting earnings, and everyone's kind of going in a lot of different directions.

I'm amazed to see Apple pop off. I'm kind of surprised to see Amazon not do so hot. And also GDPs are down 1.4%. What's up with that? We have a lot to cover today folks because it's one of those very news-heavy days after frankly, the only thing to talk about for the last month being Elon Musk and Twitter, which we have to kind of mention too.

But either way, folks, to help me kind of dive through all that, to sort of go through and find clarity amongst all the noise right now, as always I'm joined by Justin Kramer, CEO, Co-founder, and Chief Analyst here at Justin man, what's good?


Justin Kramer:

Everything's going well, really happy and excited to discuss through all of the sh*t that you just mentioned. There's a lot going on. Never seems to be a dull moment in 2022, but excited to get into it.


Peter Starr:

Yeah, I love it. And I think on the top though, you actually have some Moby-related news. Do you want to kind of take me through anything big happening here on the Moby side of things, bro?


Justin Kramer:

Yeah. So a lot of big news on the Moby front, I think there are two big pieces that we can cover briefly for people who are first listening now via the live version or the recorded version.

We're really excited to announce two major kind of announcements going forward. So the first is, we've been promising and working on our mobile app for a while now, really, really proud to announce that it is finally done.

We released the app for apple users, so iOS app earlier this week and the Google app should be coming early next week (It is now live - click here to download it).

We've been working on this for months now. I'm like I said, really, really excited to push this. Basically, very similar experience you get for premium members and even free members via the website, you're now getting in the mobile app.

There'll be more tools coming soon, a lot better layout. And then on top of that, we're going to be adding a lot more functionality in the coming months and years to come, we'll be offering the ability to trade in there, custodian your assets in there, action off the strategies we're doing, adding more tools. There's going to be a lot going on. So I'm really excited to continue progressing there and building more.

So this is what's really cool about this discord channel and people listening live, you have direct access to me, the rest of the team as we're hiring. So if you have product requests, you have questions, we're here to help you. So super excited to roll that out. So I'm just really excited to see it grow and eventually become a massive finance app for all different types of investors. And eventually, you'll be looking back and be super proud to say, "I was an early adopter."


Peter Starr:

And we couldn't have done this without you, our first adopter audience here, listening to us right now. So thank you so much for being with us on this journey, especially at the very, very beginning here, you have no idea how much it means to us and you have no idea how much we value your feedback.

So please download that app if you have iOS and hang out with us in Android jail until about next week (just released!). And then I'm just excited to get feedback from you all. This is also going to give us the ability to put out more product updates, even faster too. So all the amazing suggestions you've been making to us audience, those are coming down the pipe as well. So we're going to begin the real strong product side here. And there's just a lot of really exciting things happening.

But of course we are less self-serving, let's get more into the markets because there's even more going on there. Justin, let's just get this out of the way real fast. It literally feels like a year ago now, just with how fast this week is going. But on Monday obviously, the Twitter board accepted Elon Musk bid to buy them out. What gives man, Tesla stocks still kind of reacting to it. How do you feel about this acquisition? Good, bad, so-so, or is it just kind of irrelevant? Is it just more smoke and mirrors than anything else?