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microsoft stock

Which Stock Will Win In 2022: Microsoft or Apple?

information technology Jan 06, 2022

We've made a huge point about how the first half of 2022 is going to be a much choppier investing environment than 2021 and we're seeing it already.

That's why it's important to look for slower, more established companies to invest in so your growthier investments don't drag down your entire portfolio.

So that's why we want to talk about Microsoft & Apple today.

Yes we know these are both boring, duller picks but the boring, duller picks are what will outperform the stock market this year. 

Everyone's looking for 2021's version of Tesla this year -- but the truth is that value plays like Microsoft & Apple are going to beat crazy young growth tech stocks hand over fist in 2022.

We've never been one to ever say that but the landscape right now is setting up for this to happen! 

So which stock will do better this year -- Apple or Microsoft?

How much will each stock gain this year and when will it happen?

Let's get into this and more 👇