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Moby Live: Into the Metaverse - Biotech & The Memecoin Boom

market & industry analysis Oct 30, 2021

The Following is a transcript of a live podcast held by the Moby team every Thursday at 2:00pm PST, 5:00pm EST. This week we went over Facebook's rebrand as Meta & what that means for Roblox. Then we discussed biotech, the altcoin boom and addressed some audience questions about Solana. 

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Please note:  These transcripts are currently algorithmically generated and may not 100% reflect what was spoken. The team at is currently standing up a higher fidelity solution to transcribe these conversations. 


Transcript begins: 

Peter Starr: And now coming to you live from our coast to coast trading desk. This is live, a weekly live podcast, where we discuss everything about the stock market, the economy, and the mechanics that power the world around you as always. I'm your host, Peter Starr Northrop. I'm joined as always by Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Analyst, Justin Kramer.


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