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Microsoft Stock

One High-Conviction Growth Stock to Buy Now and Hold Forever

information technology Apr 19, 2022

Last time we covered this stock we made a huge point about how the first half of 2022 was going to be a much harder investing environment than 2021.

With pandemic and supply chain issues dragging on and contractionary fiscal policy on the way -- we knew the market was going to need a quarter or two to adjust. 

Fast forward to today and add in a war in Eastern Europe, and our predictions on Q1 were right but got even that much bumpier.


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Therefore as we cautioned then, it was and still is important to look for more established companies to invest in so your growthier investments don't drag down your entire portfolio.

That's why we chose to invest in Microsoft last year and are continuing to give them our overweight rating. You can't get a duller, more middle-of-the-road medium growth play than the empire Bill Gates built.

But the boring, duller picks are safer in this environment. Everyone's looking for 2021's version of Tesla this year -- but the truth is that growth at a reasonable price plays like Microsoft will outperform in 2022.

And it's not just about the medium-tier growth here. Under the surface, a lot has gone right at Microsoft setting them up to accelerate growth this year and even potentially surpass Apple as the world's most valuable company (again) one day.  

But since we last talked about them, some major stuff has changed that will affect their stock forever!


But what is it?

How will it affect their stock price?

And what are the details you can't miss?