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nio stock

Will Nio increase over 100% in 2022?

industrials Dec 30, 2021

Nio is an extremely risky buy right now.

With the threat of them getting de-listed, China's crackdown across their domestic companies and a high interest rate environment -- Nio does have a real chance of sliding much further down.

But the upside for the company cannot be ignored. Nio is down ~40% this year but the company is doing better than ever.

Nio ($NIO) recently posted their highest pre-order sales ever, revenues are rapidly expanding, margins are improving, they have a massive cash balance and the future of the company is looking brighter than ever.

Therefore analyzing the risks vs the reward with Nio is more crucial than any stock we've ever covered before!

With that context, let's discuss below what we believe will happen with their stock in 2022, if the risks are warranted, whether or not we're investing and more!