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2022 stock market

The Ultimate Guide to Investing in 2022

market & industry analysis Dec 26, 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, we look back at the markets and the world and think about how crazy of a year this was.

And as the year wraps up, we analyzed everything that happened, why it happened and what it means for 2022.

Therefore we created, "The Ultimate Guide to Investing in 2022: The Moby Outlook"

This outlook was created in order to help you prepare for 2022 and make the best investments possible.

In this Whitepaper we go over:

  • Stocks, Coins & Sectors we like in 2022
  • Stocks, Coins & Sectors we don't like in 2022
  • 2022 Stock Market Outlook
  • 2022 Crypto Outlook
  • What will happen with interest rates
  • What will happen with inflation
  • What will the Fed & Jerome Powell Do
  • The Biden Adminstration's Build Back Better Plan
  • And more!

So with that context let's go over every single thing you need to know to become the best investor possible in 2022!


Part 1 of 10: The End of The Asset Purchasing Program:

In order to help consumers combat inflation the Fed will stop buying $120 billion of assets per month -- as this is what they've been doing since 2008!

If you're not aware, the Fed has been propping up the economy since 2008 as they've been injecting $1.5T every single year into the US. On top of this they'll need to raise rates to help too.

 The Fed as of late, led by Jerome Powell, is saying that they're going to cut this spending all the way back to $0. And what most people do not realize is that this is going to happen by the time 2022 is over!

So when you factor in the fact that the Biden Administration wanting to pass the Build Back Better plan, with the insane amount of stimulus and supply chain issues, this is driving the economy too hot and that's why we've seen an inflation spike!

This means that the Fed has no choice but to stop the asset purchase program very quickly and raise rates -- which they haven't done in decades. 

And this is the true reason why volatility really picked up in Q4. This is because Powell alluded to pulling back the asset purchasing program with an increase in rates -- but now they are going to taper even faster that previously expected!

While we've rallied back a bit this is going to mean a terrible start to the year in 2022


Part 2 of 10: 2022 Projections

So with all of that set up into this year and next, how are we playing it? We're seeing it play out in a few ways: