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Planet Lab Stock

We’re Buying More of This Stock Before It’s Too Late

industrials Mar 30, 2022

Last we talked about this space company we were gushing over their long term potential. 

We said it back in December and we'll say it again -- we absolutely love this company.

But back in December this space stock was just way too expensive for us to buy.

But now with the stock down over 60%, we think it's hitting a bottom and the upside potential could be huge!

We think this because they grew by over 750% in the last year, just acquired 4 companies, and are expanding across the globe at an insane rate.

That's why we're initiating our Moby 5 Star Rating now and just recommended this stock to our Premium Members.

But what stock is it?

Why do we think it just hit a bottom?

How much upside is there?

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