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The Moby Flagship Income Portfolio

portfolio strategy Mar 07, 2022

Today we’re introducing our newest AI based portfolio – The Moby Premier High Dividend Income Portfolio.

This strategy uses machine learning and algorithms to select the stocks in the portfolio.

This portfolio is designed to pay you dividends every single year while also growing in price.

This new technology is only used by the top hedge funds and banks in the world! 

The Strategy: 

This strategy combines the stable income of high dividend paying stocks with limited downside risk.

There is a three-fold benefit to this strategy:

  1. The price return of the portfolio. This portfolio is designed to not only pay you but also increase in price.

  2. The dividend is all-but guaranteed. While nothing is 100% guaranteed, the companies here are virtually guaranteed to maintain or increase dividends based off their histories.

  3. The combination of stock price increases, dividends, and lower valuations creates a very solid and safe total return strategy. This limits our downside as we're buying most of these companies at lower valuations.

You can see the active portfolio below!

Ticker Company Name Weight
PNW Pinnacle West Capital 14%
VZ Verizon Communications 13%
PRU Prudential Financial 11%
MMM 3M 11%
PFG Principal Financial Group 10%
PBCT People's United Financial 10%
USB U.S. Bancorp 9%
WHR Whirlpool 8%
MET MetLife 8%
CMI Cummins 6%

How To Use It:

With market dynamics changing so often, these strategies are designed to update every single month. 

So while knowing the portfolio now is good, it only tells half the story.

And that is because you need to constantly update it once the AI makes new suggestions!


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