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ai tech portfolio

The Moby Flagship AI Tech Portfolio

portfolio strategy Apr 27, 2022

In case you missed it, we released an AI tech-based strategy two months agoThe Moby Flagship AI Tech Portfolio

This type of strategy focuses on technology companies that are growing extremely fast yet are significantly undervalued and are cheap.


What are the benefits of finding cheap stocks?

"Cheap" or undervalued stocks serve two main purposes for us:

  1. They give us a way to outperform the market because they have such a large upside.

  2. They also shield us from significant downside as the stocks are already valued cheaply.


2 Key Takeaways In Month Three:

  1. When assessing a strategy, we want to see how it performs in both up and down market movements -- and we got exactly that over the last two months. This strategy in the up month was around 3x the performance of the NASDAQ, and in the down months was about 1.5x the performance of the NASDAQ. This is so exciting because we want to be beating the market on a risk-adjusted basis. That means that if we can limit the downside while outperforming on the upside, this strategy is doing exactly what we want it to do. This is the true mark of any successful portfolio!

  2. But this comes with a whole lot of smoke and mirrors at times. One reason Moby was founded was to speak to you about the technical things we believe in when it comes to investing, in plain language. We don’t believe you should require an Ivy League MBA in order to read at least a summary of our investment strategies. Put another way, if Einstein was capable of explaining his theories and thought experiments to the general public in ways that opened eyes to the wonder of the universe, and made simple (not simplistic) sense, then the least we can do is follow that example, especially when so few others are willing to do it.

We’ll toot our own horn just a bit further by saying, in fact, we think when old, stodgy investment firms release updates that get lost in the jargon, they’re actually less sure of what they’re really doing.

But they want you to trust that they know so much, it’s not their fault you’re falling asleep when they throw stupidly complex verbiage at you.

And now to the details 👇 

Old Portfolio:

Ticker Company Name Weight
CLFD Clearfield, Inc. 22%
CNXC Concentrix Corporation 19%
EPAM EPAM Systems, Inc. 17%
NVDA NVIDIA Corporation 12%
KLAC KLA Corporation 12%
POWI Power Integrations, Inc. 9%
AMAT Applied Materials, Inc. 9%


New Portfolio: