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snap stock

This Tech Company Is Growing Faster Than Facebook and Youtube

information technology Mar 02, 2022

For the last ten years, Facebook has enjoyed one of the most lucrative business models on earth — targeted advertising.

But since Apple announced new privacy measures that basically shut the door on a huge slice of their revenue, Facebook & other social media platforms have been struggling.

Facebook lost $250 billion in value and is showing no signs of rebounding anytime soon.

However, there are winners in this space -- surprising ones even. Which is why we were so excited to see SNAP stock up 22% in the last month. 

After posting huge numbers during their earnings report last week, we think there are some huge things for them ahead.

In this analysis we'll cover: 

  1. Snap's price target
  2. When Snap will hit that price target
  3. Key upcoming data points you have to be aware of
  4. How snap compares to Facebook, TikTok and other social platforms