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Tech Sell-Off: This Beaten-Down Growth Stock Could Soar 125%

information technology Jan 29, 2022

If you haven't been paying attention, online sports gambling was just recently approved and launched in one of the biggest markets in the US -- New York.

And the results from the first week of sports betting were insane. From January 8th to 16th these sports betting app's handled over $600M in bets.

This is just one week of volume in just one state. These numbers blew past everyone's expectations.

We're estimating for NY alone to handle over $2B in volume in 2022 and we think that the opportunity for sports betting companies is bigger than anyone realizes.

With these types of stocks getting absolutely crushed over the last few months, the prices make more sense than ever.

But which sports betting company are we "betting" on? Let's discuss it below 👇 


The Case For DraftKings:

First off, DraftKings (DKNG) got absolutely smoked over the last year. Their stock is 75% off their 52 week high and the chart above is just downright scary.

Combine this with the fact that we've been preaching about value over growth plays for the last few months and I'm sure many of you are puzzled that we'd even suggest them.

But hear us out for a second. There's a handful of reasons we not only like DraftKings but also believe the next decade for them could be insane.

Here's the 3 facts you need to know right now 👇