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discounted stocks

3 Stocks to Buy At A Discount

rankings and lists Feb 11, 2022

Looking for stocks that are trading at massive discounts that have strong upside potential? Look no further.

The 3 stocks below are completely oversold and are worth more than what their current price reflects.

While the recent sell-off has been painful to endure, it created an unreal buying opportunity for so many companies.  

But there are 3 companies that stand out above the rest. Here's our top 3: 👇 


1) Roblox (RBLX):

Down roughly 45% from its recent high's, RBLX is another stock that we feel is a good buying opportunity given the recent downswing.

As we mentioned last time we published our analysis and our price target (Go Premium To See It), Roblox is a company that's growing their user base like crazy. 

And now Roblox just announced a huge partnership with NFL! 

Roblox and the NFL are rolling out something called NFL Tycoon -- which is a a football-inspired game.

While this is great news for Roblox in the long term, as we mentioned above, we're still early on in the life cycle of this company. And with so much volatility and trouble with rates in relation to stocks like this, we may continue to see volatility in the name over the coming months.

However we're keeping our price target stable and pushing out the target date to the end of the year.

If you want to see #2 and #3 in order ⬇️