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tech stocks

One Of The Only Tech Companies Living Up To The Hype

information technology Feb 15, 2022

While most tech stocks have gotten crushed over the last several months, there's one company that's still doing extremely well.

And that is Datadog.

Datadog is up over 20% in the last 6 months and it is for good reason. They've been able to continuously grow revenues, while also expanding their margins.

Datadog, like a fine wine, only seems to get better with age. This is a stock that we've held for awhile.

Because of the new info and analysis, we're now updating our price target to reflect the changes.

Let's get into all the juicy details below.


Why We Like Datadog:

As we mentioned above, Datadog is continuing to grow extremely fast.

Looking at their most recent earnings we saw that they were able to grow their quarterly revenues over 84% year over year (vs. estimates of the mid 60's). And on top of this they were able to grow their enterprise segment (customers paying over $100,000 annually) by over 65% YoY.

While this alone is beyond promising (as anything over 30% growth is usually viewed favorably), the details of the revenue beat is what has us so interested in their business going forward.

Here's what most people are missing out on and what our price target is 👇