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terra luna crypto

Terra Luna Coin Is Up 10,000% This Year

crypto Feb 08, 2022

Today we're going to discuss a new project called Terra. 

Terra is a programmable money for the internet that is easier to spend, more attractive to hold/invest and is available on most leading blockchains.

As of publishing this, Terra has become the 2nd largest DeFi project in the world and the 9th largest coin by market cap!

We've been talking about this project ever since the summer in our Discord channel, and since then the coin has sky rocketed over 750%

So what is Terra, how is it being used and where do we see the coin going? Let's break it all down for you and more ⬇️ 


Terra Luna Crypto Overview:

Right now in the crypto world most projects are isolated and separate from each other. They don't interact with each other and the blockchains often exist in isolation.


However Terra is creating an ecosystem of interoperability similar to Ethereum - which should attract developers to build applications on-top of their network. This is how Terra is differentiating itself -- by attracting a strong network of these developers and building solutions that people actually want.


But what is Terra Luna Crypto and what makes it attractive?