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Can Tesla Become The World’s Most Valuable Company?

information technology Jan 12, 2022

Why people keep doubting Tesla is honestly beyond us at this point. At every step of the way Tesla has been able to prove the naysayers wrong.

When we first recommended them in 2020, Tesla was still on the cusp of legitimacy and their stock price reflected it. When we wrote them up again last year, their price exploded but still paled in comparison relative to our most recent analysis when the stock was still at $950.

But now up over 800% since we first recommended them, we're updating our analysis yet again!

Tesla is in the middle of mastering vertical integration and becoming a powerhouse in building and shipping cars -- leaving the rest of the industry in the dust.


So with that context let's discuss:

  1. Our price target for Tesla
  2. Why timing is more important than ever
  3. What they're doing that is so unique
  4. What's next for them in 2022
  5. What's happening after 2022 that has us so excited
  6. And finally answer the question -- Can Tesla can become the world's most valuable company?

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