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The Flagship Pod: What We're Investing In Right Now, Crypto Outlook, Earnings & More!

The Flagship Pod: What We're Investing In Right Now, Crypto Outlook, Earnings & More!

market & industry analysis Jan 23, 2022

The following is a transcript of the weekly Thursday Moby Live Podcast we host on Discord, at 2:00pm PST // 5:00pm EST.


Peter Starr:

And now coming to you live from our Coast to Coast trading desk, this is the Flagship Pod. A weekly podcast recorded in front of a live discord audience about the economy, the stock market, and the market forces shaping the world around you. As always I'm your host Peter Starr Northrop folks, bringing you this time a quick discussion about just the wild volatility we're seeing, what's happening in the market this week and what we anticipate happening in the market next week. Quick high level look, quick tight half-hour conversation. Here as always folks with Justin Kramer, our co-founder and chief analyst. Justin, man how's life over at lunchtime? What's good, dude?


Justin Kramer:

Not much. Sorry for switching the time up here on the audience. Just some stuff going on that the Moby team's working on.

Super excited to tell you all about it soon but high level. We're going to have our app hopefully launch early February.

So it's just taking a lot of time, sorry. We had to move it today both, other than that, all good so far.


Peter Starr:

Yeah. We're in a really good place and it's a really exciting place too, and audience are really appreciating you rolling with the punches as we have to deal with the tech company timing as well, where afternoon, evening time slot are just getting eaten up by all these meetings we have to go to.

Either way Justin. So main thing in the market volatility rains. Yesterday the main headline in the evening was that the NASDAQ finally entered correction territory, and this morning we wake up to a pretty significant rally.

So what's the deal with this volatility this week, man? How was the market dealing with just all of the inflationary pressure, all of these sort of like...

What am I trying to say? Foreign policy pressure, the energy crisis in Europe and the Ukraine? How should we parse this?

I think you had a pretty good view on it this morning in the discord, and I would love to get your perspective here, dude.