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Top 3 #YOLO Stocks

rankings and lists May 27, 2021

 Yes, you read that headline correctly. This list is our top 3 #YOLO responsibly stocks. While the title may seem ridiculous, we've created the list below to show you our favorite #YOLO stocks while also being responsible. While the two words may seem to conflict, and while we believe in investing in fundamentally good companies, there are ways to seek massive upside while taking on significant risk in a responsible way. How do you do that? Let's break it down:

  1. When investing in highly risky assets, do not put a large portion of your overall wealth in them. Think 1% or less of your overall net worth. So if your total net worth is $100,000 try and put a maximum of $1,000 total into the totality of those extremely risky positions.
  2. While investments like DOGE, AMC and GameStop truly have 0 fundamental merit, it doesn't necessarily mean they're bad investments (or gambles) in the long run. The largest reason we say this is due to risk/reward. While the downside is losing your investment, the upside is potentially increasing your investment by a ludicrous amount. For example if you invested in $1,000 into Dogecoin roughly a year ago at the peak your investment could have been worth over $250K (representing a 250x gain!) While if it did not pan out, you only lost the entirety of your principle. The upside here is clear and the downside may be worth it for some investors.
  3. Do not try and time the markets. Set an upper limit for yourselves in terms of reward and stick to it. If that limit is 5x and the stock clears that, sell it immediately. While it may go up 100x and you missed out on more upside the key here is that you got upside at all. 5x in an awesome return and you need to be rules based in order to #YOLO responsibly. At any point the market could crash, sending all of our paper gains into the negatives.
  4. Do not lean into the hype. Invest in ideas/coins/companies, etc. that you fundamentally believe will go up. Do not watch a video on TikTok hyping up some coins/stock that will likely crash. If you've done your research, believe the rally still has room to run and can exit before the rally crashes, than you've won. Once the news is printed, it usually is too late. The popular slogan buy the rumor, sell the news often rings true.

So with that massive disclaimer section, please find our riskiest picks below. Additionally, please note that these picks have a MUCH higher chance of going to 0 than they do going up to the moon. They however are just the picks that we believe have a chance, albeit most do not. For every Doge, there is 1000 more ideas that did not pan out.

  1. FIGS (FIGS) is an American online medical apparel retailer based in Los Angeles, California. The company primarily sells scrubs that come in a variety of colors and styles. Widely known in the medical community, FIGS has become widespread over the last several years. On the heels of their IPO, the stock has real upside potential. Having said that the valuation could easily get out of control and plummet at any second!
  2. Sea Limited (SE) is a Singaporean online game developer and publisher. The stock has shot up from $40 earlier this year and is trading at over $200. Extremely risky, SE is actually gaining leverage albeit their valuation has gotten significantly out of control. Having said that if it gets more widespread traction it could really skyrocket before eventually nosediving!
  3. ProShares UltraPro QQQ (TQQQ): By far the least risky of the three TQQQ is a 3x levered ETF based off of the returns of the Nasdaq. What does that mean? Essentially if the Nasdaq (general benchmark index for tech stocks) returns 10%, this ETF will return 30% and conversely if the Nasdaq drops 10% this will be down 30%. This pick is for the long term investor and is the bet that the Nasdaq will be up over the long term. If it is, you just went up 3x vs the general market. If not you just went down 3x. The thesis here is that the market goes up 10% on average every year for the last 50 years, if that trends continues, with this ETF, you can triple down and seek above average returns relative to everyone else.