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trip advisor stock

Travel Industry Boom: Tripadvisor's Impressive Performance

information technology news Nov 07, 2023

In a surprise win overnight, Tripadvisor stock surged double digits thanks to an incredible beat in both revenue and earnings. Let's unpack where the travel industry is headed.

What Happened

The world's largest travel site has been struggling since 2021 but a lot of strategic improvements appear to be paying off. TripAdvisor generated a solid $0.19 EPS from $533 million in revenue. This handily beat The Street's expectations and showed that TripAdvisor's new focus is working to push the stock in the right direction.

Tour Guided

TripAdvisor was carried by 41% revenue growth of their Viator business, which connects consumers with tours and activities wherever they're traveling. Viator revenue is higher margin and helped lift the whole company. Also, TripAdvisor's AI itinerary service appears to be gaining traction as well. All of this adds up to suggest that TripAdvisor is in a more sustainable revenue position moving forward.

Why It Matters

Despite the travel boom, Travel sites are operating on an older business model and have spent the last two years getting clobbered on the market. This beat by TripAdvisor is adding to hopes that these business models can adapt to the new normal in the post-COVID economy. There's a lot of demand in the travel space right now, so the real test for TripAdvisor will be if they can maintain this momentum as demand normalizes. For now, the market is just excited to see things potentially turn around here, so investors added over 10% to TripAdvisor's market cap in early trading.