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crypto investing

Everything you need to know this week

market & industry analysis Nov 22, 2021

We're bringing you all the news you need to know for this week. This report contains news on the crypto world, stock market & earnings news. We've highlighted the most important topics in each section!

We're skipping the IPO's for this week because its Thanksgiving week and guess what? There are none.

While it is a quieter week, there certainly are some big things you need to watch for.

We'll also back back next week with our regularly scheduled Youtube video!



Crypto News:

Crypto Tanks Last Week:

The big news last week was that crypto tanked on the heels of the Infrastructure Bill being approved. If you want the details on what happened and what it means, just click here.

But what everyone keeps asking us is, "Is a bear market coming? Should I sell? What do I do?"

Our answer: KCABO (keep calm and buy on)

Remember when that was a saying? Thank god we're past that.

But on a more serious note our answer is just that.

Our goal for you is too ultimately be invested in cryptocurrencies for the long run, and starting with bitcoin is the safest way to do that.

Most people own zero Bitcoin, and if we at Moby can convince you to do one thing today, it’s to buy Bitcoin at these lower prices.

We understand you might be skeptical, but there is so much to be excited about.

Just as you might start your stock portfolio with the first $10k in the SPY ETF, do the same with Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin directly from (Coinbase or Gemini), don’t buy an ETF, ARK fund or BTC on Robinhood. You want to own the actual bitcoin, not a piece of paper.

But wait, why not diversify into the top 5 coins? Diversifying is tough because you actually increase your risk as we have imminent regulation coming.

The moment regulation comes out on alt and stable coins, the entire crypto market could be hit with a huge loss.

Bitcoin will see a (5-10% drawback, if not more) but would expect those prices to be bought quickly and aggressively. Once past regulation, we can look at other coins, but not today.


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Most Important Companies Reporting Earnings This Week:


Zoom Video Communications (ZM), November 22nd:


Do you remember when Zoom was the wonder-child of the retail investing community? The stock shot up in the early days of the pandemic but the stock has very clearly reversed since then. In the last year ZM is down over 40% and during this earnings call we likely will see the same story continue to play out.

With stocks like this that shoot up seemingly overnight, we as investors, need to avoid trend chasing as they're often not sustainable.

While Zoom was providing value and will continue to do so, the valuation at which they were priced did not make sense given their growth story. 

When we look at stocks like Tesla, the valuation makes sense because the future is so promising. But when it comes to companies like Zoom, we are staying far away.

Therefore, we're using this earnings call to see if any numbers have substantially changed but are predicting more of the same.


Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS), November 23rd:  


Last we wrote up Dick's (see it: here), we were buying the stock. Fast forward to today and the stock is up over 140% in the last year!

While many investors would be worried to see such high growth over the last year, we're excited about what's next for the company.

What we said last time still rings true today. And that is that they're in the middle of becoming an e-commerce first company.

That is a huge reason why they've grown and will continue to going forward. While seeing a company reporting during this time period is always somewhat alarming - as companies often try to hide their earnings during slow times, we're still excited about what's next for the company headed into Q4.

Therefore we're continuing to hold the stock and are watching for updates regarding their supply chain. We wouldn't be surprised to see some short term head winds, but we are going to shrug this off, assuming its par for the course.


Xpeng (XPEV), November 23rd:


Remember back when Jack Ma went missing for months after being critical of Chinese Leadership. And remember when the huge ride hailing service Didi got shut down due to the government.

While these events have seriously hurt Chinese companies, the most important thing to pay attention to is which ones are slipping under the radar of the Chinese government watchdogs and have strong sustained growth.

Enter in Xpeng.

A stock we've written about before, Xpeng is going to be a giant in the electric car industry for years to come.

They have a top 15 selling car in China and are still relatively young. One thing to note with them however is that they are a very high risk high reward play.

While we still are forecasting for Chinese stocks to be suppressed in the immediate term, we are taking note of companies like Xpeng who should report solid numbers.

If they do, we still won't be adding to their stock yet, but will definitely have our eyes on them once Chinese stocks fall back into fashion.

Keep note of this company as they're going to be huge one day!