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moby stock pick

The Best Cheap Cloud Stock To Buy Right Now

information technology Mar 10, 2022

From its peak in November, this stock is down over 50%! Normally this would scare off many investors, but it's actually doing the complete opposite for us.

This is because this company just grew their revenue's by over 50% -- which is insane for a company of their size.

The reason this stock sold off is only due to what's going on. But we know it is way undervalued and the upside opportunity for them will be huge over the next several years.

With the stock down so much there couldn't be a better time for us to get in!

That's why this stock is our Moby Whale Pick Of The Week and why we just recommended it to our Premium Members.

But what stock is it?

Why do we think it just hit a bottom?

How much upside is there?