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Why These Are Our Top 2 Healthcare Stocks of 2021

health care rankings and lists Sep 07, 2021

 While we don't write about healthcare stocks often, they are extremely important to watch out for. The healthcare sector in the United States alone represents over 3 trillion dollars and makes up over 17% of the United States GDP! And this number is projected to grow up to 25% by 2030!

What this means is that healthcare is projected to become the biggest market in the United States and therefore the opportunity to invest in its future cannot be ignored.


Health Care List Overview:

While the stocks below are not household names like Apple or Tesla, these companies either are massive or have long term potential for serious growth.

And if you're not sold on owning healthcare stocks, diversification is a key sticking point as to why they should be included in a portfolio. As we've preached here at Moby before, diversifying your portfolio is very important! Diversification is important should any sell-off's to certain sectors occur, you can "hedge" yourself from these sector specific sell-offs. Conversely if a sector were to appreciate, and you were diversified, you may now be able to participate in a rally that you previously were unable to participate in!


Top 2 Healthcare Stocks:

So with that context, the list below contains 2 of our favorite stocks to invest in within the healthcare sector! Please let us know if you have any questions! Please note healthcare also consists of several verticals such as but not limited to: Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Equipment, Tech, etc.

1) Schrodinger Inc (SDGR): Schrodinger is an American life sciences and materials science company founded in 1990 that develops software for computational chemistry and has a pipeline of collaborative and internal drug discovery programs.

We are initiating an overweight rating on SDGR for two main reasons. This is because: