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zoominfo stock

Two Huge Takeaways You Don't Want To Miss From This Earnings Report

information technology Nov 04, 2021

While certain tech stocks have gotten hurt this year, ZoomInfo is absolutely flying. With the stock up 53% this year, many investors were looking to Q3 earnings as a pivotal point for the future of the company.

The results were nothing but extraordinary.

The two biggest takeaways were:

  • ZoomInfo grew Q3 revenues by 50% relative to Q3 of 2020! With marketing spend so low, most of this growth came on the heels of their sales teams and organic channels. Seeing a young company grow this fast and efficient is extremely encouraging to see.
  • Relative to their competitors, they also had the highest margins and profitability. While growth for many companies is often associated with periods of negative profits, ZoomInfo was amazingly able to keep this metric high as well. Another encouraging metric, profitability at their stage given their goals, is another strong signal!

But while all of this is great, recent earnings reports have continued to show why company outlook is more important than results. And guess what? '

This companies outlook is stellar.

Let's get into the details of what that outlook is, what it means for their stock and how to properly attack the opportunity.