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delta stock

Why This Stock Will Fly To New High's in 2022

industrials Dec 16, 2021

It has been awhile since we've written about airline stocks before, but we believe they are starting to approach a bottom.

As we mentioned during our 2022 outlook, we believe that retail spending should decrease at some point next year. 

Once this occurs, we are forecasting a large shift in retail spending to go towards services (like airline travel) rather than physical goods (e.g. clothing, sneakers, etc.).

Pairing this together with the fact that US-based travel is starting to pick back up and we think Airlines should see some huge tailwinds next year.

When also looking at the chart below we see that traveler data going into year end is coming close to matching traveler data from 2019 (pre-pandemic). Based on where the trends are going, we believe 2022 should more closely resemble travel life pre-pandemic.

But, while that bodes well for Airlines as a whole, Delta ($DAL) in particular has more upside than most other airline stocks. 

Let's now talk about what the upside is, when it's coming and all the important details not to miss out on 👇