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offshore opportunities portfolio

The Moby Flagship Offshore Strategy

portfolio strategy Apr 07, 2022

In case you missed it, we released an emerging markets strategy last month – The Moby Flagship Offshore Strategy.

The goal of this strategy is to leverage the power of AI to find the best investment opportunities in the Emerging Markets (EM).

Why Invest in Emerging Markets (EM)?

“Emerging Markets” (EM) is a classification for countries that have rapidly growing economies. This includes countries such as Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Philippines, South Korea, and South Africa, among others.

We're going after the emerging markets because if you know what you're doing, you can often find extremely rewarding opportunities that you cannot find elsewhere!

And that is why this portfolio is expected to return over 20% annually.

Performance Summary:

Performance Review:

The strategy showed solid performance over the last month with a 3.5% absolute return.

And over the last month, the benchmark (VWO) only returned around 1.1%.

So relative to the benchmark, our strategy outperformed by 218% more!

Old Portfolio:

New Portfolio: