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offshore opportunities portfolio

The Moby Offshore Opportunities Portfolio

portfolio strategy Mar 03, 2022

Today we’re introducing our third automated portfolio – The Moby Offshore Opportunities Fund.

Similar to the strategies we've released so far (see them here & here) this strategy also uses machine learning, AI & algorithms to select the stocks within the portfolio. 

The goal of this strategy is to find the world’s best growth businesses in the emerging markets. These markets include China, Brazil, Colombia, South Korea, Taiwan and more!

We're going after the emerging markets if you know what you're doing, you can often find extremely rewarding opportunities that you cannot find elsewhere! 

This portfolio is expected to return over 20% annually.

So with that context, here is the portfolio:

The Portfolio:

Ticker Company Weight
PTR PetroChina Co. 21%
VALE Vale S.A. 21%
Go Premium To Unlock 🔓 20%
Go Premium To Unlock 🔓 20%
Go Premium To Unlock 🔓 18%

How To Use It:

You can immediately invest in these companies with the given percentages above.

But only our premium members will be getting notified when the strategy updates every single month. And the re-balancing here is the key towards making this overall strategy work.