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2022 stock market outlook

We're Officially In A Correction: Here's What To Do

market & industry analysis Jan 25, 2022

Right now the market is down over 10% and is in a "correction".

 This extremely fast move down is rightfully scaring a ton of investors and many people have no idea what is coming next.

  • So why did this sharp drop happen?
  • Will stocks & crypto continue to lose even more?
  • Are your investments safe?
  • What are we investing in now?

Let's answer all this and more 👇


The Outlook:

Let's preface this entire analysis with the fact that we think it's going to be okay. Yes, many stocks are down and yes, many tech investments are down even bigger.

But like all corrections and crashes before it, things will eventually trend back up (we'll answer when we think this will happen and when is the perfect time to strike later in this post). 


Why The Correction Happened:

So now that you're up to speed, let's get back to the subject of this analysis -- which starts off with why this correction even happened in the first place.

As we told you back in December, we really did foresee all of this coming -- so we hope you listened (see the analysis here).

Because inflation rose so much so fast, the Fed was now forced into a corner with their interest rate policy and bond buying program. They now have two major options to make and they will likely be announced soon.

Here's what they'll do and how it'll affect the world. 👇