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Silicon Valley bank stock

1 Undervalued Stock To Hold For The Next Decade

financials Jan 27, 2022

The markets are out of control right now.

With so much day-to-day movement, many investors have no idea what's coming next.

That's where we come in 👋 

And as we told you this week (see it here), the volatility is unlikely to end anytime soon.

But once things start to calm down, and we approach the inevitable interest rate increases and Fed tapering, we know this stock is ready to explode in value.

And as we've been preaching for an entire year now, we love financials.


The Stock Pick:

We've written about this stock before, but we absolutely love Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB).

If you're looking for a financial stock that has serious upside this year and will be massively affected by interest rate movements, look no further -- 2022 is going to be a wild ride for them.


So what are they doing that is so different relative to other stocks, what does this mean for their stock price and when will it happen? Make sure you have your seatbelt buckled and your tray-tables locked, this could get a bit bumpy.